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Vision Setting for Organizational Culture
Three women are indoors, with two of them smiling and hugging each other while the third woman looks on with a neutral expression.

Vision Setting for Organizational Culture

BKO Training in Partnership with the New York City Capacity Building Collaborative

11:00 AM–1:00 PM EDT

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This training is for leaders looking to make a meaningful entry point to the culture planning process — designed in a way that generates imaginative thinking, fosters leadership alignment, and kicks off the journey towards your desired future organizational culture. Participants will discover new frameworks for organizational culture, work together in virtual breakout rooms, and ultimately establish a long-term vision for a healthy organizational culture.

Participants will come away with a draft talent and culture philosophy statement, and a work-in-progress roadmap for their organization. This training is led by Alison McGill of the Brock Method and held in partnership with the New York City Capacity Building Collaborative.