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Jobs & Economic Opportunity

Brooklyn is stronger when we can all access resources to lead self-determined and economically secure lives

Green City Force
A member of Liberty Cleaners, an arm of the Worker's Justice Project
Worker's Justice Project

Brooklyn’s unemployment rate - nearly double the national unemployment rate


Of NYC’s small businesses are immigrant-owned

One in six

Brooklynites over 25 doesn’t have their High School diploma

Our Approach

From small, family-owned businesses to large corporations, Brooklyn’s economic landscape is as vast as it is uneven. In Brooklyn, the racial wealth gap between white and BIPOC residents is between $40 and $50B, representing the effects of four centuries of institutional and systemic racism and is responsible for persistent disparities in income, health, education, and opportunity. We believe that achieving racial equity is inextricably linked with economic justice. Brooklyn Org supports nonprofits who are closing the racial wealth gap through job training opportunities, the creation of career pathways, and the empowerment of worker cooperatives. We intend to shift this paradigm and contribute to a future where everyone, from every background, is free to pursue their passions, earn what they need to live comfortably, and provide for the next generation.

Nonprofit Resources

Brooklyn Org provides holistic support and resources to nonprofits across the borough, from funding to capacity building, and more.

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Courtesy Drive Change
What we do is help fellows see themselves as who they truly are, and help them understand that they deserve a seat at the table. We want to help the young people in our program to manifest their destinies and acquire the skills to get there. Kalilah Moon
Executive Director, Drive Change
Courtesy First Tech Fund
Brooklyn Org’s support gives us a really good foundation so we can scale up our efforts. We’ve received over 1,200 applications for about 250 spots over the last three years, so obviously the demand within New York City is very high. Josue de Paz
CEO & Founder, First Tech Fund
Courtesy of Flickr (Nancy Chuang)
Street Vendor Project envisions a city where street vendors can thrive and be recognized for the great service and work they do in their communities. Mohamed Attia
Managing Director, Street Vendor Project
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Making NYC Home: The Trials and Triumphs of Asylum Seekers and Migrants

Just Conversations | Presented by Brooklyn Org in partnership with the Center for Brooklyn History

128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
6:30 PM–8:00 PM EDT


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