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Our Donors

Brooklyn Backs Brooklyn

From monthly donations to Donor Advised Funds, Brooklyn Org supporters are champions for our communities

A room full of guests seated at tables in front of a large statue in the Brooklyn Museum
2023 Spark Breakfast

Our work would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of you—our donor partners. Our impact is only as strong as the collective that we build together. From long-term philanthropists to first-time givers, we have a community of donors that meets our goal of democratizing philanthropy and giving every Brooklynite a seat at the table.

From Brooklyn Org members to Donor Advisors, our community shows what it looks like when Brooklyn backs Brooklyn. We can work with you to provide tools to meaningfully engage with the most pressing issues that our communities face.

So, whether you’ve given $50 or $50,000, we greatly appreciate your trust in Brooklyn Org to put your money to work in the most effective way possible. And thank you for coming to our webinars, events, and site visits and for being a part of the foundation of our future.

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Ways to Give

For us, philanthropy is a key element of living an outward-facing and engaged life, of not being complacent in the face of inequity, of supporting real and needed change. Susannah Taylor & Phil Marriott
A woman with glasses smiling in front of a tree.
I think Brooklyn Org is rare, if not unique, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. Rabbi Rachel Timoner
BKO Board Member and Donor
This is a thing that anyone can do – as long as you’ve got a good sense of who’s in your community, and how you can best serve them, you can start a fund.
Tarik Ward
DAF Holder
A group of people are moving furniture up a set of stairs.
We can certainly help people who are in need, and are fleeing terrible circumstances, and try to welcome them to our country as best we can. Emily Berger
Ruth's Refuge Peer to Peer Fundraiser

Our Donors

Our Family of Funds

Anonymous (19)

1065 Atlantic Community Impact Fund*

1834 Project ‡

Akintayo Holder Fund

Albert Vann Legacy Scholarship Fund °

Allinbklyn ‡

Amelia & James Wilson Family Fund

Andrew Kimball Sarah Williams Fund

Barbara Edwards Delsman and Alan M. Delsman Fund

Beacon Giving Group ‡

Becker Family Fund

Bee Raw-Save the Bees

Black Art Futures Fund



The Brock McGill Foundation

Brooklyn Ballet Fund★

Brooklyn Branches Giving Circle ‡

Brooklyn Dream Network

Brooklyn Empower Fund★

Buckholz / Fontaine Fund

Bunchberry Fund

Carson Family Fund

Christopher P. Santoro Scholarship Fund °

College Opportunity Fund

Constance L. Christensen Fund

D13 Partnerships Fund

Darrow Family Fund

David Alexander Scott Memorial Fund

E.K.P. Bettridge Fund

Eberly Wallace Family Fund

Empowering Venerable Achievement Fund °

Etsy Impact Fund*

Etsy Uplift Fund*

Fellerath Goodwin Fund

Fishman Family Fund

Four Oaks Brooklyn

Frankie Morris-Perez Memorial Scholarship Fund °

Frosenblumin Fund

Gail Erickson and Christa Rice Donor Advised Fund

Gasteyer-McKittrick Family Fund

George and Mary Memorial Fund

Giraffe Fund

Goldman Sachs Commodities Giving Circle ‡

Griffiths Family Fund

The Grace Fund °

The Gratitude Fund

Gueron-Strickland Family Fund

Hammond Family Scholarship Fund

Harris Youngelson Charitable Fund

Hinton Phillips Family Fund

The Ichigo Charitable Fund

Island in the Sun Fund

Jesse and Wendy’s “Neighbor To My Neighbors” Educational Advancement Scholarship

Jessie Streich-Kest Memorial Fund °

Joel Herzig Memorial Fund °

John Raskin and Eric Schneider Fund

Joseph Mohbat Memorial Fund °

Judy and Henri Gueron Family Fund

Judy Olivia Grant Legacy Fund °

The Kaye Family Charitable Fund °

Kirven Family Fund

Lasting Memories Fund °

Leo Max Fishman Janowitz Fund

Levitt Foundation Donor Advised Fund

The Lipsky Family Donation Fund

Mamie and Justin Stewart Family Fund

Marti Family Fund

The Meyer-Minoff Family Fund

Miles Ahead Fund

Murtala Tunde Balogun Foundation *

Nicholas “Nico” Isaac Memorial Fund °


The Pasta Rose Scholarship °

Pelican Foundation for Creative Education °

Prober-Hughes Family Fund


Quincy and Nia Fund

The Rainey Scholarship Fund

Raymond J. Rue Memorial Scholarship

The Reeves-Walker Fund

The Richard and Barbara Moore Family Foundation, Inc.

Roney Liu Brooklyn Impact Fund

Rossman Family Fund

Samuel Fishman Fund

San Filippo DAF

Schwartz Family Foundation

The Scout Fund

Serescitos Fund

Shaheen Rushd & Jeremy Silverman Family Fund

Snowy Day Fund

Stanford GSB Alumni for Black Lives

Stirrup Family Fund

Stone Wenk Cashion Family Fund

Susan and Peter Restler

Sylvie Fishman Janowitz Fund

Taylor Marriott Family Fund

Theodore Fishman Fund

Thigpen Hill Family Fund

Timothy & Nicholle Simons Family Charitable Fund

TJFJ Fund for Children

Urban Youth Activist Fund*

Wayne S. Mackie Memorial Fund °

We Ride at Dawn

Whoriskey Donor Advised Fund

Yatrakis Family Fund

Field of Interest Funds

A Better Brooklyn Fund

CABS Community Foundation

Congregational Home Legacy Fund

The Fund for the Health and Integrity of Seniors

Board Designated Endowed Funds

Cecilia Clarke Fund for Nonprofit Leaders

Fishman Family Fund for Economic Opportunity


* Corporate Advised Fund

‡ Giving Circle

°  Memorial / Tribute Fund

★ Nonprofit Fund

Unless otherwise designated, this list reflects Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) active as of February 7, 2024.

Please contact our Donor Services team with any corrections at

Foundation Supporters

Anonymous (7)

Adele Bernhard – Peter Neufeld Family Fund


Amelia & James Wilson Family Fund

Barbara Edwards Delsman and Alan M. Delsman Fund

Boger Family Foundation

The Callon Family Fund

Carson Family Fund

The Chase & Stephanie Coleman Foundation

Coleman Family Charitable Foundation

College Opportunity Fund

Cravens Foundation

Darrow Family Fund

The David & Karen Tayeh

FundDawn Fund

DeLaCour Family Foundation

Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust

Edward S. Moore Family Foundation

Elma Philanthropies

Eric P. & Evelyn E. Newman Foundation

The Family Associates Inc.Fund

The Frank Pace, Jr. Foundation Inc.


Fund for the City of New York

Gillespie Glant Family Fund

Giraffe Fund

Grace J. Fippinger Foundation

The Gratitude Fund

Gueron-Strickland Family Fund

Guttman Giving Fund

Hank and Karoly Gutman Charitable Trust

Hinton Phillips Family Fund

The Ichigo Foundation

Jager Family Philanthropic Fund

The Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation Social Justice Fund

Kirven Family Fund

Kitchings Family Foundation

LeBlanc Family Fund

Magic Pebble Fund

Mamie and Justin Stewart Family Fund

Margulf Foundation

Marti Family Fund

Mary J. Hutchins Foundation

The Meyer-Minoff Family Fund

The Moore Family Fund for Brooklyn

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

Mother New York

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic

Network for Good

The New York Community Trust

Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nonprofit New York


The Panaphil Foundation

Pledgeling Foundation

The Prism Fund

Queens Community House

Restless Fund

Roney Liu Brooklyn Impact Fund

The Scout Fund

The Seedworks Fund

Shoates Family Charitable Fund

Sills Family Foundation

Stardust Fund

Susan Beth Salo Foundation

Taylor Marriott Family Fund

UJA-Federation of New York

Ventress Family Foundation

The Warburg Pincus Foundation*

Yemeni American Merchants Association

Corporate Supporters


BDT & Company*

Bennett Midland

Brooklyn Chamber Of Commerce

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Development Corporation


Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

Cumberland Packing Corporation


The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.*


Idlewild Partners

Kirkland & Ellis LLP


Local Initiatives Support Corporation

McKinsey & Company

Meridian Capital LLC


National Grid

NBC Universal

New York Knicks

NYU McSilver Institute

S&P Global*

Santander Bank

Schneps Media

Song Law



Sweet’N Low

Totem Brooklyn

Westfuller Advisors


*Employee Matching Program

Individuals and Families


Anonymous (85)

Leslie Abbey

Jaime Abbott

Nancy Abraham

Barry Abramson

June Adams

Rochelle and Hardy Adasko

Nawaaz Ahmed

Audrey L. Alleyne

Nakia Alston-Hendrickson

Christopher Angove

Dana Archer-Rosenthal

Jacob Arnold

Jesse Ash

Murad Awawdeh

Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun

Marshall Baca

Helene Banks and Michael Cioffi

Margaret Barnette

Charlotte Baynard

Sumner Becker

Alan Beller and Stephanie Neville

Antonia and David Belt

Aquiba Benarroch

Doris Bergman

Teddy Bergman and Anna Baryshnikov

Amanda Berman

Ana Bermudez

Roberto Bernasconi

Adele Bernhard andPeter Neufeld

Martha Berry and Curtis Cravens

Thomas Bettridge °

Raoul Bhavnani and Savitha Reddy

Jonathan Bines and Alexandra Jacobs

Molly Birnbaum

Gregg Bishop

Roslyn Biskin

Sofia Blanchard

Carol and John Blondel

Les Bluestone

Zachary Boger and Arielle DiGiacomo

Emily Boghossian

Aidan Bowie

Kelly Brandi

Thomas Bransford

Denise Bricker and Ken Crowley

Brendan Brits

Monique Brizz-Walker

Karen Brooks Hopkins

David Brown

Richard Brown

Ragnhild Bruland

Courtney Bryan and M. Thomas

Susan Buchsbaum and Jeffrey Gratz

Maria Buck

Andi Burnett


Lloyd Cambridge

Paul Campbell

Jing Cao

Demetrius Carolina

Francesca and Joshua Carson

Lesley Carson and Osman Akan

Madeline and Ed Carson

Salvatore Caruso

Eduardo Castell

Alison R. Castleman

Robert Catell★

Jonathan Charity

Rachel Chavkin

Isaac Chera

Jennifer Ching

Sarah Choh

Kendall Christiansen

Ashley Chung

Michael Ciccarone

Kylie Clancy

Kathryn Clarke

Lucina Clarke

Bevin and William Cline

Brendan Coburn

Raymond Codrington

Joseph Cohen

Juliette Cohen

Leah Cohen

Nancy Cohen

Ofer Cohen and Brooke Safford

Rebecca Cohen

Romy Cohen

Camille Cole and Benjamin F. Heidlage

Andrea Compton

Elena Conde

Alison Conn and Jordan Pollinger

Heather Considine Varian

Sharon Content

Jacqueline L. Cook

Brennen Cooke

Annie Coombs and Dave Algoso

Faith Corbett

Saundra and W. Don Cornwell

Collette Creppell

William Cruz

Robin Cullen

Lurie Daniel Favors and Brian Favors

Monique Darrisaw-Akil

Katharine° and Peter Darrow

Joan Davidson

Jay De La Cruz

Aaron Dean

Mark Dean

Michelle DeFossett° and Victor Banks

Willis DeLaCour and Sally Williams-Allen

Katharine and Rohit Desai★

Danielle Dettling

Lisa Diamond

Laura Dickerson

Laura W. Dillon

Kercena Dozier

Corinne Duffy and Daniel Levine

Gina Duncan

Victoria Dunning

Ilana G. Dzuba

Karen Edelman

Nanette S. Egerton

David Ehrenberg

Gail Erikson and Christa Rice

Joan Erskine

Debra Everett-Lane


Eliza and Jason Factor

Steve Fahrer and Monona Yin

Lilly Farhang

Janelle Farris

Jessica Feldman

Meg Fellerath and Seth Goodwin

Sophie and Andrew Ferrer

Rebecca Feuchtwanger

Leslie Findlen and Rich Wald

Anna Fink

Jeanne Donovan Fisher

Judith and Alan Fishman★

Bryan Flodmand

Lizanne Fontaine and Robert Buckholz

Blake and Andrew Foote

Timothy Forbes

Samantha Fox

Kathy Franklin

Brittney Fraser

Peter Frey

Alyssa Fronk

David Frutkoff

Peter Furci

Matthew Gadd

Martha Brice Gaillard

David Gaines

Jamel Gaines

Joan and Frederick Gardiner

Tara N. Gardner

Laurie Garrett

David Garza

Piera Gelardi

Kathleen and Edward Gentner

Ayesha George

Anat Gerstein

DeNora Getachew

Liza Gilbert and Shaun Donovan

Michael Gillespie° and Lauren Glant

MaryAnne Gilmartin

Debra-Ellen Glickstein

Amy Glosser and Janno Lieber

Michael Goering

Julia Goldstein

Gene Goldstein-Plesser

Lorna and David Goodrich

Evan Gourvitz

Colvin W. Grannum

Bernell Grier

Joann Griffin

Alice and Robin Griffiths

Maksim Grinberg

Bree Groff

Stephanie and Jason Gromek

Judith Gueron

Nicole Gueron° and Carter Strickland

Karoly and Henry B. Gutman

Jane Gutteridge

Elazar Guttman


Kristine Haag

Martha Haakmat and Stephen Warner

Steven Hakusa

Charles Hammond

Scott and Ellen Hand

Billy Hanson

Jeff Hao

Nina E. Harkrader

Christine Harper

Justine Harris and Jack Youngelson

Julia Hart

F.B. Harvey

Gary Hattem and Frazier Holloway

Jodi Hauptman and Gregory Clarick

Andree Hayum

Susan Hedges

Jessi Hempel and Frances Clayton

Anne D. Herrmann

Amy Herzig

Karen Heyman

Jennifer Highland

Ann C. Hill

Mary S. Hilles

Rachel Hines and Michael Cembalest

Amanda and Jarrett Hoffman

Yoomin Hong and David Werner Sexton

Meredith Hostetter and Anthony Newman

Linda Hoyes

Shari Hyman

Marcie Imberman

Patty Intrator

Lesleigh Irish-Underwood° and Frederick Underwood

Wanda Jackson

Wes Jackson

Hilary° and Edwin Jager

Joie Jager-Hyman

Zul° and Melissa Jamal

Anne January and Paul Van Horn

Archana Jayaram

Amanda and Matthew Jones

Dominique Jones

Nathaniel Jones

Jennifer Jones Austin and Shawn Austin

Jennifer Joyce

Michelle Juarez

Jennifer Justice

Alex Kagen

Julia Kahr

Chiwoniso Kaitano

Alice Kaltman

Melinda and Peter Kaminsky

Mamie Kanfer Stewart° and Justin Stewart

Kerri Kaplan

Rachel Karliner and Neil Binder

Rebecca and James Katz

Julie Kay

Celia Keenan-Bolger

Kathy Kermian-Leicht

Lawanna Kimbro °

Martha King

Deborah Kirschner

Lauren and Andy Klein

Liana Klippel

Abbe and Dan Klores

Helen Kogan

Robert Krasny

AiLun Ku

Emma Kurz

Diana and Jason Kyrwood


Martha LaBare

Carole Lalli

Gary Lambert

Glenn Lambert

Ephraim Lasar

Michael Laskawy

Stephanie Lavallato

Peter Lavorini

Dune Lawrence

Bonda Lee-Cunningham

Elizabeth Leggat

Lisa Lehman

Phyllis and Richard A. Lehrer

Dan Leibu

Traci Lester

Ilana and Joshua Levine

Margo Levine and Robert Cantor

Tanya Levy-Odom and Edward Odom

Benjamin Lewis

Micheline Lewis

Vivian Liao Korich° and Daniel Korich

Judith and Jonathan Lief

John Phillip Lipsky

Bobye List

Kenneth Litwack

Havana Rose Liu

Chi Loek

LaJwanne Louis

Patricia Lowry and John Touhey

Marvin and Lori Luis

Natalie M. McVeigh

Constance and Saverio F. Madeo

Jennifer Magida

Susan Maier

Sabrina Mallick

Andrew Malone

David Mandelbaum

Susan and Kenneth Mandelbaum

Jenna Mandel-Ricci

Jamie and Marty Markowitz

Carmela Marrocco

Harsha° and Meera Marti

Deborah Martin Owens

Jimena Martinez and Michael Hirschhorn

Teresa Mathew

Diane L. Max

Kyle McCabe

Lindsay and Emmett McCann

Ciara McCarthy

Pamela and Joseph McCarthy

Maureen McCarthy

Kevin McCaul

Ms. Lucia McCreery

Depelsha McGruder

Raymond McGuire

Susan McPherson

John Mealy

Norine Medas

Alison Melick and Duncan Kruse

Noa Meyer° and Edward Minoff

Sarah Min and Matthew Pincus

Alison Mixon

Sonali and Sanjay Mody

Bonne and John Mogulescu

Marji Molavi and John Rizio-Hamilton

Anne L. Moore

Casie Moore

Barbara and Richard Moore★

Simon Mosk-Aoyama

Linnea Mumma

Joshua Muss

Laurie Mutchnik Maurer and Stanley Maurer

Predrag Muzijevic

Maritza E. Myers

Emily Myerson


Bob Nakib

Gail Nayowith

Elizabeth Nellis

Taureen Newland

Ivy Newman

Amanda and Patrick Nichols

Erika Nijenhuis

David Nocenti

Miriam Nunberg

Alexander Nyren and Kimberly Rittberg

Tamara O’Flaherty

Maeve O’Connor

Charles O’Donnell

Janet and David Offensend

Katharine and Ryan Ogg

Noreen O’Loughlin

Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham

Michelle Onufrak

Benjamin Ortiz

Alice Owens

Naima Oyo

Paula Pace

Winston Paes

Julie Pardue

Frank Partnoy

Jack Pascarosa and Shari Berman

Anne Pasternak

Carolyn Paulus

Susan Peck

Randy Peers

Matias Pelenur

Jefferson Pestronk

Susan Peters

Christine Petrosky

Andi Phillips° and Paul Hinton

Elizabeth Phillips

Tanya Pierce

Steven Pilgrim

Blondel Pinnock

Rhonda Pirvulescu

Lindsay and Gabriel Pizzi

Jane Platt and T. Radey Johnson

Abigail Pohlman and Kenan Arkan

Chinita Pointer

Dee Poku

Deborah Polinsky

Maggie Popadiak

Michael Pope

Hope Pordy

Lise Porter and Arthur Matin

Ben Posel and Jessica Bauman

Melissa Prober

Travis Quinn

Philip Rackin

Jocelynne and Perry Rainey

Leela Ramnath

Megan Rand

Dana Raviv

Marcia and Kevin Reilly

Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz

Wendy Reitmeier

Sharon Rencher

Susan and Peter Restler

Arva Rice

Kenneth Richieri and Kathryn Obler

Susan and William Rifkin

Shyla Rivera

Samantha Roberts

Abitzel Robinson-Hobson

Elyse Rodriguez

Carley Roney° and David Liu

Anouk and Matthew Roose

Connie★ and Theodore Roosevelt

Michael Rose

Dan and Lisa Ross

Eliza and Jim Rossman

Amy and Greg Rowland

Shaheen Rushd° and Jeremy Silverman

Nicole Russell

Malcolm Rutter


Lynne Sachs and Mark Street

Halee Sage andDavid Friedman

Nancy Sands

Jillian Salyer and Jeffrey Lin

Connie° and John Sargent

Matt Sarno

Karin Satrom

Sunil Savkar

Brian Scanlan

Juanita Scarlett and Errol Louis

Edward Scarvalone and Hillary Weisman

Krista Scenna

Maxine Schaffer and Sharon Fay

Linda Schrank

Alexander Schultz and Zoë Pappis

Gabriel Schwartz★ and Jolie Curtsinger Schwartz

Omari Scott

Lee and Peter Scott

Margaret Shafer

Shiman Shan

Jenna Shapiro

Susan and Marshall Sharer

Alfred Sharpton

Lindsay D. and Brian Shea

Amy Sheehan

Carla Shen and Christopher Schott

Meredith Shepherd

Vishal° and Monica Sheth

Jake Shuster and Todd Elfman

Susan Siegel

Hildy Simmons★ and David Sprafkin

Timothy° and Nicholle Simons

Samuel Sittenfield

Adrian Smith

Alesha Smith

Patrick Snee

Mimi and Richard Somerby

Lisette Sosa-Dickson

Daniel Soyer

Anne Spang

Rachel Spector

Soukeyna Spivey

Cary Stathopoulos

Kevin Stayton

Jennifer Stearns

Liane Stegmaier and Cole Downs

Richard Stegmaier

Jessica Steinke

Lisa Stenson Desamours

Maureen Kelley Stewart and Tom Stewart

Shelley Stewart III° and Rochelle Stewart

Karen St. Hilaire

Olivia Stone

Nan and Carter Strickland

Alexandre Stutzmann

Marc and Alexa Suskin

Clementine Swan

Sofie Syed


Hannah Tabor

Christa Tandana

Andrew Tarlow and Katherine Huling

Jillian Tate

Patricia Taylor

Susannah Taylor° and Phillip Marriott

Susan and Robert Teich

Saundra Thomas

Tupper Thomas

Aaliyah and Erwin Thompson

Michael Tiger and Carolyn Fast

Rabbi Rachel Timoner °

Jim A. Torrey

Jeremy Travis and Susan Herman

Judith Trenkner

Elias Trout

Kaya Turan

Patricia and Mitchell Udell

Seep Varma

Cary Vaughan and Herbert Eilberg

Andrew Vickers

Patricia Vigorita

Asiya Wadud

Meital Waibsnaider

Mordecai Walfish

Robyne Walker Murphy

Stephen Warnke and Susan Sommer

Heather Wathington

Thomas Weber

Maia Wechsler

Steven Weiner

Claudia and Edward Weissberg

Emily Welty

Carmencita Whonder° and Augustine Saylee

Susan and Neil Whoriskey

Kamy Wicoff and Matthew Kaplan

Stephanie Wilchfort

Tatiana Wilk

Kimberly and Daniel Williams

Sarah Williams° and Andrew Kimball

Lisa and Frank Wohl

Michael Wolfson

Michael Wolk

Sharon Wurtzel and Jeff Walker

Jessica Yager

Christina Yang

Shu Yang

Allison and Benjamin Yarrow

Isaac Zaur and Sarah Kaufman

Allan Zepeda

Zhi-Da Zhong

Lily Zhou

Mark Zimet

Barbara and Michael Zimmerman


° Brooklyn Org Board Member

★ Brooklyn org Trustee Emeritus


We value the support of each and every one of our donors.

For brevity, this list reflects all donors who contributed $100 or more to Brooklyn Org from July 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023. We make every effort to list names correctly and apologize for any errors or omissions.

Please contact our Donor Services team with any corrections at