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Brooklyn Backs Brooklyn

From monthly donations to Donor Advised Funds, Brooklyn Org supporters are champions for our communities

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2023 Spark Breakfast

Our work would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of you—our donor partners. Our impact is only as strong as the collective that we build together. From long-term philanthropists to first-time givers, we have a community of donors that meets our goal of democratizing philanthropy and giving every Brooklynite a seat at the table.

From Brooklyn Org members to Donor Advisors, our community shows what it looks like when Brooklyn backs Brooklyn. We can work with you to provide tools to meaningfully engage with the most pressing issues that our communities face.

So, whether you’ve given $50 or $50,000, we greatly appreciate your trust in Brooklyn Org to put your money to work in the most effective way possible. And thank you for coming to our webinars, events, and site visits and for being a part of the foundation of our future.

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Ways to Give

For us, philanthropy is a key element of living an outward-facing and engaged life, of not being complacent in the face of inequity, of supporting real and needed change. Susannah Taylor & Phil Marriott
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I think Brooklyn Org is rare, if not unique, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. Rabbi Rachel Timoner
BKO Board Member and Donor
This is a thing that anyone can do – as long as you’ve got a good sense of who’s in your community, and how you can best serve them, you can start a fund.
Tarik Ward
DAF Holder