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Ways to Give

Join Our Movement

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At Brooklyn Org, we’re confident that together we can make Brooklyn a blueprint for change — where neighbors help neighbors, challenges are met with solutions, and all communities can thrive.

Everyone has a part to play with Brooklyn Org. From memberships to major gifts, Donor Advised Funds to corporate funding collaborations, we are here to partner with you for good.

Become a Brooklyn Backer

Brooklyn Org gives you a front row seat to supporting change, helping you deepen your connection to your community and the vital nonprofits working to help Brooklynites thrive.

Start a Fund

Maximize your personal giving by opening a tax-efficient Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at Brooklyn Org, or by transferring your existing fund from another provider. By simply having your fund at Brooklyn Org, you support Brooklyn’s communities — all fund fees back local nonprofits.

Explore Partnership Opportunities

As the borough’s go-to giving partner, Brooklyn Org is proud to collaborate with local and national companies, government agencies, and foundations to spread love across our communities.

Join Our Community of Changemakers

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Champion local nonprofits

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Address urgent community needs

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Drive long-term change

How to Give

Ready to make a gift to Brooklyn Org? Our team is here to help. Contact to explore other options of support.

Donate Online

Donate online via credit card, Venmo, or PayPal.

Donate by Mail / Check

Please make checks payable to “Brooklyn Org” and mail them to:

Brooklyn Org
Attn: Donor Engagement
1000 Dean Street, Suite 307
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Donate with a Donor Advised Fund

Recommend a grant to us from your fund at Brooklyn Org.

Donate By Phone

Call us at (718) 480 – 7500 to make a gift over the phone or to discuss your other giving options.

Donate with a Donor Advised Fund

Recommend a grant to us from your fund at Brooklyn Org.

To give from your DAF held by another provider, contact your fund administrator and name “Brooklyn Community Foundation DBA Brooklyn Org (EIN: 11-3422729)” as the grant recipient.

Additional Giving Options

Contact our team to explore giving with:

I think something that sets Brooklyn Org apart is that it’s tackling Brooklyn issues and doing it in a Brooklyn way. Vivian Liao Korich
Brooklyn Org Board Member
Two smiling older adults, a woman with a colorful scarf and a man in a red tie, standing closely together at an event.
One of the reasons Brooklyn has prospered and changed, hopefully for the better, is because of what Brooklyn Org has been able to accomplish. Alan Fishman
Founding Board Chair of Brooklyn Community Foundation
A woman with glasses smiling in front of a tree.
To be in the world, we must see ourselves as agents of justice. Part of how we enact justice with our lives is through our words and through our actions, and part of how we enact justice through our lives is giving what we have. Rabbi Rachel Timoner
Board Member
A Black woman holding an umbrella, smiling, stands in front of a brick wall.
I wanted to give back to Brooklyn, and that’s what Brooklyn Org is all about — they provide a structure and support for you to do that with your Donor Advised Fund. Katrena Perou
DAF Holder