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Our Mission

The foundation of our future

Brooklyn Org is a champion for Brooklyn, rallying resources to spark lasting change

Brooklyn Org is a new model for community philanthropy. Building on the “big idea” born 15 years ago as Brooklyn Community Foundation, we bring together Brooklynites, Brooklyn backers, businesses, and broader believers in equity and justice to make Brooklyn a beacon for the world.

We are a platform for galvanizing giving: We are here to ensure that ideas are met with resources, challenges are met with solutions, and inequality is met with justice.

We are a destination for all who care: here at, building connections and catalyzing change have never been easier.

Brooklyn Org is all of us: We know that to achieve long-term change for our communities, we all have a part to play. We hope you’ll join us in shaping the foundation of our future.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to spark lasting social change, mobilizing people, capital and expertise for a fair and just Brooklyn.

Our Vision

A fair and just Brooklyn, built on dignity and respect, where all residents have the opportunity to participate and prosper.

Our Impact

Brooklyn Org has moved over $110 million to nonprofits through our grantmaking for racial justice and our administration of Donor Advised Funds, working in partnership with generous donors, local businesses, and community leaders.

Our investment in Brooklyn’s communities includes:

  • Over $20M for Youth
  • Over $6.3M in COVID-19 response
  • Over $2.2M for Immigrant Rights
  • Over $3.6M for Older Adults
  • Over $2.2M for Substance Abuse Treatment

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Our History

Brooklyn Org was founded in 2009 as Brooklyn Community Foundation, the first and only public foundation dedicated to New York City’s largest borough. Over the past 15 years, we’ve shown up in critical moments—for Racial Justice, COVID-19, Superstorm Sandy, Immigrant Rights—while developing new models for participatory grantmaking and community engagement.

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Our Approach

Over our almost fifteen-year history, we have reimagined the role of philanthropy and provided immeasurable support to communities and nonprofit partners that are leading transformational change for Brooklyn. Now we have a new Strategic Plan driving this work.

This plan grows from our deep community roots, guiding our work as we continue to transform Brooklyn’s philanthropic landscape by mobilizing greater resources for the borough and building the capacity and power of its diverse organizations and communities.

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Our Commitment to Racial Justice

Racial justice is an ongoing practice that we center in our work—whether by standing in solidarity with Brooklyn communities at the margins of power and access, marshaling resources to maximize the economic potential of racial justice across the borough, or continuously strengthening our community-led grantmaking approach.

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