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From our decades-long neighbors to the newest New Yorkers, immigrants enrich communities across Brooklyn

Arab American Association of New York
Two men posing for a photo in front of a colorful wall.
Arab-American Family Support Center

Brooklyn residents is an immigrant - 35% of our population

of Brooklyn immigrants live below the poverty line

1 in 4

Undocumented New Yorkers lives in Brooklyn

Our Approach

Pursuing the American Dream comes with many challenges for immigrants to Brooklyn: it can be difficult to meet basic needs, there are many legal barriers to employment, and those without legal status face constant threat of detainment or deportation. Brooklyn Org supports immigrant-led organizations working to ensure that their communities have the tools they need to thrive and receive culturally-appropriate holistic support in their native languages. We are invested in boosting access to job training and placement, mental and emotional wellbeing, legal services, and other avenues that create a true sense of belonging and connectedness for Brooklyn’s diverse immigrant populations.

Nonprofit Resources

Brooklyn Org provides holistic support and resources to nonprofits across the borough, from funding to capacity building and more.

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Who We Back

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Courtesy Street Vendor Project
Street Vendor Project envisions a city where street vendors can thrive and be recognized for the great service and work they do in their communities. Mohamed Attia
Managing Director, Street Vendor Project
Mazin Sidahmed, Co-founder of Documented. Courtesy Documented.
We are aiming to fill gaps by providing actionable information in the different languages of immigrant communities, journalism that can hold people in office to account, and news that helps people feel connected and like they belong there. Mazin Sidahmed
Co-founder, Documented
Courtesy Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
We want to ensure that irrespective of the language barrier [immigrants in detention] can access services without fear of discrimination and prejudice. Richard Wilson
Member Support Coordinator, QDEP
Brooklyn Org has been a strong supporter of our efforts to ensure that Brooklyn immigrant communities have the support that they need, and are able to unite and demand justice, equity, and fairness from the city as well as the state. Murad Awawdeh
Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition
A group of people standing in front of a building.
Brooklyn Org is one of our biggest contributors. Brooklyn is home to so many Muslims that we rely on to have that collaboration and that connection. Husein Yatabarry
Executive Director, Muslim Community Network
Two people walking along a sidewalk near a road, one pulling a green suitcase, in an overcast urban setting.

Making NYC Home: The Trials and Triumphs of Asylum Seekers and Migrants

Just Conversations | Presented by Brooklyn Org in partnership with the Center for Brooklyn History

128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
6:30 PM–8:00 PM EDT