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Parent-Child Relationship Association

Stories of Impact

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Courtesy of Parent-Child Relationship Association

When Nicole Huang immigrated to Sunset Park from China with her family, she had little childcare and community support. In an attempt to seek out more resources as a single mother, she joined a parenting class where she met Iris Ng. As the two became friends, she realized that they could come together and form an organization to formalize this kind of critical support.

With Huang as the executive director and Ng as a board member, the two founded Parent-Child Relationship Association (PCR) in 2016. “Our mission is to build a strong community by empowering immigrant families to engage in community projects and increase community participation,” said Program Coordinator Tina Chen. “Our vision is to create a community where immigrant families are empowered to thrive and feel like they belong to American society.”

What started out with a handful of immigrant parents coming together has blossomed into a well-sustained movement in Brooklyn. Since its founding, PCR has hosted 760 events, including park cleanups, community events, and vaccine outreaches powered by 4,000 registered volunteers. PCR also provides community members with housing assistance, government entitlement instructions, and ESL classes.

The success of our programs wouldn't be possible without BKO’s invaluable support. Their impact truly resonates with all our volunteers. Nicole Huang, Executive Director

PCR’s bilingual cultural gatherings, like Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, uplift Asian American culture. “Even though they’re in a brand new community in a brand new nation, they still have this feeling of home,” Chen explained.

Their small but mighty team is powered by a love for supporting immigrants and uplifting youth. Chen, who specializes in youth program development, came to PCR as a freshman in high school determined to give back to her community. Now, she organizes PCR’s mentorship programs, the Leaders of the Future summer program, and a planning council where young community members create and implement events.

“We’re teaching them real life skills that go into how to make a plan successful, whether it’s budgeting, communication, or having a Plan B ahead of time,” Chen explained. “[Support from Brooklyn Org] offers a larger platform for all our youth volunteers,” Huang added. “The success of our programs wouldn’t be possible without BKO’s invaluable support. Their impact truly resonates with all our volunteers.”

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As PCR continues to grow in impact, the organization wants to expand in a direction that truly encompasses its name and acknowledges that our entire community is stronger when our individuals feel included and empowered: “Our goal is to extend beyond youth leadership programs, providing job training to ensure immigrant families feel connected and secure,” Huang said. “As individuals overcome challenges, they can give back to the community, strengthening and improving Brooklyn. We hope to play a crucial role in helping individuals find meaning, particularly after immigration, when they may have lost their sense of purpose.”

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