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Does your desire to support the frontlines of change reach beyond Brooklyn? Brooklyn Org’s tax-efficient Donor Advised Fund (DAF) program offers individuals, families, and businesses unmatched support to maximize charitable giving – it’s like having your own foundation without all of the paperwork.

DAFs allow you to set aside charitable funds into an account for an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants at your own pace. Our easy-to-use portal empowers you to allocate grants to your favorite nonprofits anywhere – in Brooklyn (where our expert team can help with great ideas based on your individual interests) and beyond! You can track the impact of your giving over time, without having to maintain your own records of contributions.

You Live Here, So Should Your DAF

Brooklyn Org’s Donor Advised Fund program offers the opportunity to maximize your giving through tax advantageous fund options. You can give anywhere, at your own pace, while your fund fees support your local community.

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Benefits for Donor Advised Fund Holders

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Give anywhere, at your own pace

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1% for Brooklyn — your fees support our racial justice work in the borough

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Utilize our 15+ years of grantmaking experience to maximize your impact

Our Family of Funds

Fund Type Minimum Initial Gift Fee Who It's For How This Fund Meets Your Giving Goals
Classic Donor Advised Funds $5,000 1% Individuals and families seeking to maximize tax benefits and plan their giving Our Donor Advised Fund program offers the flexibility to give wherever you want, at your own pace, while giving back to the place you call home. Unlike commercial DAF providers, our fund fees support BKO's work to strengthen local communities.
Corporate Advised Fund $5,000 1% Companies and small businesses who want to engage their employees to make an impact on their community Corporate Advised Funds empower businesses to give back to the charities and causes they care about. Increase your company’s impact in the community while knowing that all fees are invested in Brooklyn nonprofits working for racial justice.
Giving Circles Flexible 5% Groups of friends or like-minded individuals looking to amplify their impact by giving together Pool your resources as a group to make high impact grants to organizations and causes you care most about. Like the charitable version of a book club, how you organize your goals and your group’s structure is up to you.
Memorial & Tribute Funds No Minimum $250 or 1% (for funds over $25K) Anyone looking to honor the memory or legacy of a loved one, or celebrate a life milestone Memorial & Tribute Funds can help you honor the legacy of a loved one, or commemorate a life milestone such as a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, the birth of a child, and more. You will also have an individual donation page that you can share with family and friends.
Endowed Funds $250,000 1% Anyone looking to champion a specific cause in perpetuity Endowed Funds offer an efficient way to support the causes you care most about, for the long-term. You can continue your legacy and impact on the community, with minimal setup and administration.

Have a DAF with Another Provider?

If you already have a DAF, consider moving all – or a portion – of your funds to Brooklyn Org. You maintain control, flexibility, and good returns, AND the 1% standard management fee you already pay to a bank will now go towards helping the borough you love and live in. We provide this service for anyone: from big Brooklyn-based businesses to neighborhood or merchants associations to families or individuals, starting with an initial $5,000 contribution.

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We’ve helped move millions of dollars in DAF donations to nonprofits. And the fees we collect for providing this service have helped us support hundreds of nonprofits across Brooklyn over the years.


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Anti-Hate Policy

As an added benefit for our Donor Advised Fund holders, we conduct careful due diligence on all of our grantmaking and will not make grants to organizations that support or promote hate, racism, or violence, or that engage in activities that are in opposition to the dignity and equality of all persons. Brooklyn Org relies on data cross-checked from various sources to determine if a nonprofit falls into one of these categories, and all grants are made at Brooklyn Org’s discretion.

This is a thing that anyone can do – as long as you’ve got a good sense of who’s in your community, and how you can best serve them, you can start a fund. Tarik Ward
DAF Holder
A Black woman holding an umbrella, smiling, stands in front of a brick wall.
I wanted to give with a strategy that shed light to this problem of exclusionary funding practices, and to also be able to tell the story of a Black executive who has tried to build a nonprofit and fundraise for it in a way that hasn't felt supported by most philanthropists. Katrena Perou
DAF Holder
[With a DAF], we get to focus on learning about terrific grassroots organizations that are driving change for the good of Brooklyn with very little administrative burden. Phil Marriott
DAF Holder
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The key differentiating factor between this program and a commercial DAF is, if we’re interested in elder care, we can call up a Brooklyn Org staff member and say, ‘we want to support this,’ and we get nine ideas. It’s fabulous. Alan Fishman
Founding Board Chair of Brooklyn Community Foundation

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