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Resources for Advisors

We are honored to work with many talented and trusted attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors in our region as you strive to build charitable giving plans that meet your clients’ philanthropic goals and align with the latest laws, regulations, and best practices. Thank you for allowing Brooklyn Org to be a resource.

Your Clients

We understand that your relationships with your clients are your top priority. The key word is “relationship.” We are committed to helping you build, maintain, and deepen your connections with your clients as their “go to” advisors for wealth management, accounting, and estate planning across generations. We will never create obstacles between you and your clients; rather, we are here to assist you behind the scenes or in whatever capacity makes the most sense for you to deliver value to the individuals, families, and business you serve.

Your Responsibility

In today’s social impact culture, philanthropic planning isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a must have. To fulfill your obligations to serve your clients, you need to know the full range of everything the laws and regulations offer in establishing tax-savvy charitable giving vehicles that meet your clients’ goals. Our experts are here to help you! Philanthropy conducted through Brooklyn Org meets the high standards of today’s best practices for achieving tax effective social impact objectives.

Your Partner

We would be pleased and honored to work with you. Whether you’re establishing a donor-advised fund for a private foundation client, or setting up a family foundation fund from scratch, or assisting a C-level executive with corporate giving strategies, we would love to be your partner.

Establishing a corporate Donor Advised Fund–essentially functioning and named as a corporate foundation–helps corporate executives organize the company’s giving in a convenient, 501(c)(3)-qualified structure without all the hassle. Left Behind? Why Companies Need Philanthropy Advice Too.
With so many of your charitably-inclined clients holding large sums of money in 401(k)s and IRAs, now is an important time to refresh the benefits of deploying these accounts toward achieving clients’ philanthropic goals. Advising the Charitable Millionaire Next Door
As your go-to resource for charitable giving techniques, we pay close attention to best practices in addressing the broad range of your clients’ charitable intentions to support both near-term and long-term community needs. Legal Developments: We’re Watching!
The team at Brooklyn Org can help you with your clients’ long-term charitable giving plans by putting in place the structures to receive bequests decades from now. Handy Tools For Charitable Clients Who Are Planning Ahead
A woman in a red shirt organizes a stack of papers at a desk surrounded by books.
Our team tracks legislation, legal developments, trends, news, and innovative strategies for all types of charitable giving on an ongoing basis so that we can keep fund holders and their advisors up to date. We have compiled a list of articles for recommended reading to dig deeper into the topic of Donor Advised Funds. Donor Advised Funds: Recommended Reading
Two women sitting at a table.
Now that you have completed 2023 tax returns, consider discussing with your clients whether their charitable gifts in the last year were made with cash or with other assets and then steer the conversation toward discussing the most effective assets to give to charity during 2024 and beyond. Tax Return Reviews Help Clients Level Up Charitable Giving Plans


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