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Vivian Liao Korich & Daniel Korich

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I think something that sets Brooklyn Org apart [is that] it’s tackling Brooklyn issues and doing it in a Brooklyn way. Vivian Liao Korich, Brooklyn Org Board Member

Having worked in the nonprofit and public sectors for almost a decade, Vivian Liao Korich knows how much of New York City philanthropic funding is focused on Manhattan. Indeed, only 7.6% of this funding goes to Brooklyn-based institutions, while Manhattan benefits from 10 times that amount. A Brooklynite herself, she wondered, “Where was that organization that would step up and own Brooklyn issues, and figure out a way to galvanize the hometown pride so many feel in order to help benefit communities here?”

Her inquiries led her to get involved with Brooklyn Org, both as a board member and as a donor, together with her husband, Daniel Korich.

“I think something that sets Brooklyn Org apart is that it’s tackling Brooklyn issues and doing it in a Brooklyn way,” Vivian explained. “From the amazing array of organizations they support to the grantmaking approach that centers community voices,  BKO’s work is thoughtful and intentional and just so happens to dovetail with a lot of the issues that Dan and I feel passionate about.”

Brooklyn Org’s long-standing relationships with community organizations across the borough have assured the couple that they’re investing meaningfully in the place they call home. “Finding an organization like Brooklyn Org that is focused solely on the borough  is a great way for us to be more sensitive and attuned to the issues that matter in our local community,” Dan explained. “We like  supporting an organization that is so focused on making an impact on issues in our backyard.”

Above all, Dan and Vivian want to make sure that Brooklyn remains a place where communities can thrive together. They’re avid supporters of Brooklyn Org’s work with immigrants and refugees, and what Dan calls the “many different avenues” that their support can take through BKO’s grantmaking. “What makes Brooklyn so special is its diversity. You’ve got these different cultures, beliefs, and personalities that are all coexisting and brushing up against one another every day,” Vivian emphasized. “We’re committed to doing our part  to embrace and enhance and help sustain that.”

We’re so grateful for Dan and Vivian’s long standing support and partnership as Brooklyn Org continues to grow and spark change in the borough.

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