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Culture Change in Action: Youth-led Civic Engagement

Brooklyn Org in Partnership with The New York Women's Foundation

10:00 AM– EDT


Why It Matters: In a world where the voices of young people are more important than ever, fostering their participation in civic life is crucial. This webinar seeks to address the challenges young people, and the organizations that support them, face by exploring innovative approaches to youth engagement and highlighting success stories from the field.

Meet Our Panelists:

  • Rana Abdelhamid, MPP, Founder and Executive Director, Malikah
  • Lorena Kourousias, Executive Director, Mixteca
  • Sean Miller, Northeast Region Director, Young Invincibles
  • Sabrina Hargrave, VP of Programs, Brooklyn Org
  • Mariama Diallo, Program Associate, Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice-US, Ford Foundation
  • Dimple Jobanputra, Associate Director, Programs, NYWF