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The Rainey Family Scholarship Fund

There is so much more to thriving in higher education beyond just getting into the school of your dreams.  Imagine if you were gifted and talented enough to earn a full ride to the college of dreams that included tuition and boarding, or you have parents and family that were able to provide tuition and boarding but that was all.

This New York Times article illustrated for our family the reality that getting into college with tuition and boarding provided for is not enough for many students of color.  Although, the author of the article ultimately experienced remarkable outcomes the truth is that there are many students who without financial support to assist with the day to day needs of a young person on their own in a new environment may find it too daunting to continue.

Our family has been fortunate to have the means to support our two sons financially in every way while they attended college.  Not having to worry about travel home, spending money, money for food when you cannot not eat on campus, discretionary to enjoy time with friends or what ever else a young person needs to be comfortable and a sense of belonging must make the college experience less enjoyable and frankly difficult.

We have decided to create a fund to administer a scholarship to a Brooklyn High School Student graduating and accepted into a college into a baccalaureate program where they are boarding.

The scholarship committee will review submissions from students who attend Brooklyn high schools and will award scholarship based on academic success and financial need.  The awardee will receive a monthly discretionary stipend of $250 if they are enrolled in the college, not to exceed 4 years.

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