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How Your Support Strengthens Families Across Brooklyn

A crowd of families outdoors wearing face masks and raising their hands.
Courtesy of Parent-Child Relationship Association

Being part of Brooklyn Org means that you are powering essential, life-changing nonprofits like Parent-Child Relationship Association working in communities across the borough that are often overlooked and under-resourced.

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The success of our programs wouldn’t be possible without Brooklyn Org’s invaluable support. Nicole Huang, Executive Director

When Nicole Huang immigrated to Sunset Park from China with her young children, she had little childcare and community connection. In an attempt to seek out more resources as a single mother, she joined a parenting class where she met Iris Ng. As the two became friends, she realized that together they could establish a formal network of community support for local families.

With Huang as the executive director and Ng as a board member, the two founded Parent-Child Relationship Association (PCR) in 2016.

A group of children are making crafts at a table.
Courtesy of Parent-Child Relationship Association

What started out with a handful of immigrant parents has blossomed into a well-sustained movement in Brooklyn. Since its founding, PCR has hosted 760 community events powered by 4,000 volunteers, and provides Sunset Park residents with housing assistance, government entitlement instructions, and ESL classes.

Your support enables us to connect with communities to understand their unique challenges and invest in solutions. Join us today by making a donation and investing in the promise of Brooklyn

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