Through Grief, Holding On to Each Other’s Humanity

Dr. Jocelynne Rainey

View of the Brooklyn Bridge showing a crowd of people walking across.

All of us at Brooklyn Org are mourning the lives lost and terrible destruction in the Middle East. We want to acknowledge first and foremost that many of our neighbors here in Brooklyn are suffering and have lost loved ones because of this tragic conflict. We have a deep understanding that if your neighbor is suffering, then we are all suffering. We hold all who are grieving – here in Brooklyn and abroad – in our hearts.

In the coming weeks and months, Brooklyn Org will continue to focus on helping ease the pain and suffering of our neighbors. We stand against all forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. It is deeply saddening to us to see reports of assaults on people here in Brooklyn stemming from this conflict. We urge everyone in our beloved Brooklyn community to remember the basic humanity we all share. No Brooklynite should ever fear to go outside their home, or to express their religious beliefs in public.

Our diversity is one of the things we cherish about Brooklyn and why it is such an amazing place to call home. The work of helping everyone respect and celebrate the culture and heritage of our neighbors is being done by our partners across the borough. These robust and vibrant community organizations are more important than ever and we will continue to have their backs.

Brooklyn Org was founded to mobilize resources to advance racial equity and address systemic injustices. We are committed to building a more fair and just Brooklyn for all people living here, and we will continue to support community organizations doing the important work to move this mission forward.