Pix11: New report unveils bold ideas for a stronger, more equitable Brooklyn

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Cory McGinnis

Published in Pix11

Brooklyn is abuzz with bold ideas for the future, thanks to a new report that brings together diverse voices to address the borough’s challenges and empower its communities.

PIX11’s Cory McGinnis reported on the innovative proposals outlined in “50 Ideas for a Stronger and More Equitable Brooklyn,” a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Center for an Urban Future (CUF) and Brooklyn Org (BKO).

The report is the culmination of nine months of work, gathering ideas from community leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders across Brooklyn. This collaborative approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives and practical solutions.

The report laid out a roadmap for a more robust Brooklyn, focusing on key areas like:

Proposals include capping rent increases for small businesses and revamping the affordable housing lottery to prioritize longtime residents. Ideas range from supporting local businesses to establishing mental health care centers specifically catering to immigrants. One proposal envisions transforming Prospect Park into a hub for community health and wellness programs, offering services to all residents.

Jonathan Bowles, Executive Director of the Center for Urban Future, emphasizes the importance of amplifying the voices of Brooklyn’s innovative leaders.

“I’m most excited that we elevated all these great Brooklyn voices,” Bowles said. “There are so many inspiring, smart, and committed Brooklyn leaders who have great ideas, and I love that this report showcases 50 of them.”

The Center for Urban Future and Brooklyn Org are now working to share the report with key policymakers, sparking conversations and, hopefully, driving positive change in Brooklyn.

To learn more and explore all 50 ideas, visit here.