Our Guide to Nonprofits Developing The Next Generation of Women & Gender-Expansive Leaders

A smiling young woman sitting at a table with a laptop and another person partly in view.
STEM from Dance

This Women’s History Month, we’re proud to spotlight local nonprofits who are developing the next generation of women and gender-expansive leaders! These organizations are strengthening the leadership skills of young Brooklynites through the arts, community organizing, peer networks, and more:

The Brave House

Supports young immigrant women and girls transitioning to life in the US through peer mentorship, legal advocacy, mental health support, job programs, and parenting assistance to bolster their independence.

Girls for Gender Equity

Ensures that NYC youth have a safe place to achieve academic excellence, be community leaders, and maintain healthy lifestyles, and strives to eliminate sex discrimination through community organizing.

Girl Be Heard

Inspires girls and young women to be leaders, changemakers, and activists through socially conscious theater making, storytelling, and performance that develop, amplify, and celebrate their voices.


Engages young people in youth leadership councils and campaigns against racist educational practices in order to repair the harms of segregation and achieve authentic integration and equity.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Strengthens and equips young women and gender-expansive youth of color as agents for change in their lives and in the world through leadership and mentorship programs and scholarships.

STEM From Dance

Encourages young women and girls to explore careers in STEM fields by utilizing STEM processes and technology to create dance routines and other arts performances.

Teens Take Charge

Equips New York City public school students with the tools to organize their communities and amplify their voices in order to reimagine an equitable, anti-racist future for themselves and their communities.

viBe Theater Experience

Amplifies the voices of girls and nonbinary youth of color by teaching them how to produce original theater, music, and media inspired by real-life issues they experience.

Two smiling individuals making peace signs with their hands.
Sadie Nash Leadership Project
Students engaged in a classroom activity, taking notes and paying attention to the lesson.
Girls for Gender Equity