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Nonprofit Resources: November 2023

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Brooklyn Org’s monthly nonprofit newsletter provides information on nonprofit resources, jobs, and funding; below you’ll find some highlights from this month’s edition. To share your resources and job listings for our next issue, please email us at

Please note:
  • We strive to only feature free resources for nonprofits. Unless otherwise noted, all resources listed below are free to access.
  • No implications can be made through written material or media relations that Brooklyn Org is sponsoring the resources listed here.
  • Being listed does not reflect endorsement by Brooklyn Org of any particular program, position, or purpose of any person or organization.

Workshops & Programming

November 14th: Virtual Pro Bono Clinic: Contracts for Nonprofits in the Arts

9:30am – 12:30pm

The Lawyers Alliance for New York is hosting a Virtual Pro Bono Clinic: Contracts for Nonprofits in the Arts where experienced volunteer attorneys will review and edit a contract for nonprofit organizations.

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School: Recruiting Community Partners

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School’s innovative work study program is looking for community partners! In this program, students will attend classes four days a week and intern one full day a week–from September to June, during all four years of high school, and the revenue generated by the program is used to offset the cost of tuition. If your organization is interested in mentorship and youth workforce development, contact Alan Garcia, VP of Corporate Work Study, at to learn more.

Girls for Gender Equity: Young Women’s Advisory Council

Apply Here

Girls for Gender Equity is accepting applications for its Young Women’s Advisory Council, a forum where young trans and cis women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth of color between the ages of 16-24 come together in community to support and honor all lived experiences. YWAC members gain core skills on how to identify important issues impacting their communities’ young people of color, build peer coalitions, and enact transformational change.

New York City Council: Calls for Participatory Budgeting Ideas

Submit Your Ideas Here

The New York City Council is accepting ideas for the 2024 Participatory Budgeting cycle. PBNYC funds physical infrastructure projects that benefit the public, cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years.


General Capacity Building

Digital Learning Commons

Digital Learning Commons

The Catalogue of Philanthropy

a catalog of capacity-building tools for small nonprofits including 80+ live webinars, workshops, panels, and an online resource library. Admission to the annual National Small Nonprofit Summit is also included.

NYC Nonprofit Vendor Referral Center

NYC Nonprofit Vendor Referral Center

Nonprofit New York

A public database of vetted vendors who can help you reduce costs and increase productivity by outsourcing back-office tasks.

Communications Tools

Canva for Nonprofits Program

Canva for Nonprofits Program


Nonprofits can access all the premium features of Canva Pro – an online graphic design and visual communication platform – for up to 50 people in your organization, for free.

Strategic Communication Planning Hub

Strategic Communication Planning Hub

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

A free online resource that helps organizations design communication strategies to advance your organization’s policy, advocacy and programmatic goals.

Consulting & Sector Research

Consulting: UPenn Pro Bono Advising

Consulting: UPenn Pro Bono Advising


Teams of University of Pennsylvania alumni-volunteers tap their business acumen to help nonprofits address key areas such as strategic growth planning and fundraising; marketing and communications, and more.

Race Equity Assessment: Building Blocks for Change (BB4C)

Race Equity Assessment: Building Blocks for Change (BB4C)

Building Movement Project

An automated race equity assessment process to help nonprofits develop the foundational capacities needed to foster more race equity in their workplaces.

Survey for NYC Nonprofits: Procuring BIPOC Vendors

Survey for NYC Nonprofits: Procuring BIPOC Vendors

NYS Nonprofit Equitable Economies Coalition

A survey to research procurement policies and practices in order to learn about best practices and/or challenges local nonprofits encounter around contracting BIPOC vendors.

Meeting & Office Spaces

Interest Form: Leasing space in the East Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone

Interest Form: Leasing space in the East Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone

East New York Community Land Trust

ENYCLT is working in coalition with organizations in East New York and Brownsville to create a community masterplan for 8 city-owned sites in the East Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone (IBZ).

Meeting Rooms at the Library

Meeting Rooms at the Library

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) allows the use of designated meeting rooms at its neighborhood branches by community and nonprofit groups and organizations for meetings that are educational, cultural, or civic in nature.

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