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Give Bigger with a Fund at BKO

Melissa Pawlak

2022 Spark Prize Winner Restore Forward

Does your desire to support change reach beyond Brooklyn? Open a tax-efficient Donor Advised Fund with Brooklyn Org and maximize your local impact while giving anywhere.

You receive an immediate lump-sum tax deduction and can allocate grants to your favorite nonprofits at your own pace, all while your fund has the potential to grow, tax-free.

If you already have a fund elsewhere, you can easily transfer it to your hometown DAF provider, Brooklyn Org – and rest assured that all fees support your community rather than a commercial bank.

Talk to our team today to learn more so you can have your fund up and running before the year-end tax deadline!

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Benefits for Fund Holders

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Give anywhere, at your own pace

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1% of Brooklyn — all fees go directly to our strategic grantmaking

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Utilize our 15+ years of grantmaking experience to maximize your impact