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Brooklyn Org Volunteer Day Connects New Yorkers to Community Projects

Video by Simon Floris feat. photos by Paul Frangipane @simonofloris | @paulfrangipane

On Saturday, April 13th, nearly 150  participants came out for the first annual Brooklyn Org Volunteer Day in partnership with The Service Collective. We are thankful for everyone who shared their time and efforts to make the day such a success. Our hope is to build this to become a true boroughwide day of service across every community, and your continued partnership will help us grow our impact year over year.

We designed this day of service to introduce Brooklynites to borough-based nonprofits, as part of our goal of making it easier for residents to give back to their communities: volunteers participated in six family-friendly events throughout the borough, hosted by CHiPS Soup Kitchen, the Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI), Mixteca, Sure We Can, the United Chinese Association of Brooklyn, and the Wyckoff House Museum. Activities included community cleanups and park beautification, urban farming, service at a local soup kitchen, food distribution, and sorting at a recycling facility; see event highlights below. 

If you’re still feeling the love from Brooklyn Org Volunteer Day, keep that momentum going! Explore upcoming community events at and search for service opportunities on Brooklyn Gives Nonprofit Connection, our directory of local nonprofits.

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Brooklyn Gives Nonprofit Connection

A man and a young girl standing together in a park, smiling at the camera, with the man holding a green stick.
Family of four with gardening tools posing outside, wearing winter hats and smiling at the camera.
Two people with gloves on smiling as they collect litter with a trash grabber and a bag on a city street.
A woman wearing glasses and a pink headscarf speaks and gestures in a workshop setting while holding a clipboard.
A group of diverse people listening attentively to a woman speaking in an indoor setting, possibly during a tour or community meeting.
Three people standing on a sidewalk, wearing black "brooklyn" hoodies and jeans, smiling at the camera.
A diverse group of people posing in front of a colorful mural featuring a bird and human figures.
People participate in a community cleanup event at wyckoff gardens under a sign welcoming to "a wonderful community.
Three women wearing gloves clean up trash on a city street, sorting items into a white bag.
Group of diverse people posing happily in front of a colorful graffiti-style backdrop in a community center.
Two smiling men standing in front of a building with a sign that reads "skywork." one wears a black logo hoodie and khakis, the other a black jacket and jeans.
Three people wearing gloves participate in a neighborhood clean-up, laughing and helping each other with trash collection.
A woman wearing gloves and holding a wooden stick at a community cleaning event on a city street, with other participants in the background.
A family of three, two women and one man, stand together in a park, smiling at the camera. the man holds a green broom. all wear casual, dark clothing.
A young girl and a man sweep leaves on a city street, both wearing gloves, with other volunteers and parked cars in the background.
A person wearing blue gloves holds a small plant with soil in their hands, examining it closely.
A person in a "brooklyn backs brooklyn" shirt participates in a community clean-up, picking up litter in an urban park with others.
Three people participating in a community cleanup in a city park, collecting trash into large white bags.
Two people wearing masks and gloves hold trash bags and litter-picking tools in a park, with cars and houses in the background.
A woman and a young boy, both smiling, hold cleaning tools while participating in a community clean-up event in brooklyn.
Two people tidy a street; one sweeps while the other picks up a cardboard box, with parked cars and trees around.
Five volunteers holding trash bags, smiling and celebrating during a clean-up event in a park, with trees and a cloudy sky in the background.
Two volunteers smiling at the camera while holding a trash bag during a community clean-up event in an urban park.
A woman wearing a sweatshirt and gloves carries a large clear trash bag down a small stairway in a city setting.
Family volunteers cleaning a park during winter, wearing jackets and hats, with city buildings in the background.
Three volunteers holding garbage bags in a park cleanup event, standing beside a sign for bensonhurst park playground.

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