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A group of young people posing for a photo in an office.
STEM From Dance, 2023 Brooklyn Org Spark Prize Winners

Brooklyn Org is seeking volunteers to join our Grantmaking Advisory Council! Brooklynites from across our communities bring their professional and lived experience to the table, joining our team to review grant applications from nonprofits, attend site visits, and help us direct our funding.

Brooklyn Org's focus on social and economic justice speaks to my core values and—just as important—I never had the feeling that my ideas and opinions were not heard or appreciated. Maritza Myers, Brooklyn Org Advisory Council and Brooklyn Org Spark Prize Committee Alum
I really felt validated, I felt what I had to say was important, I was listened to, and could make suggestions
Victoria Graves, Brooklyn Org Advisory Council Alum

Become a BKO Advisory Council Member: Apply by June 14th!

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