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Brooklyn Org is a platform and partner for local philanthropy, bringing together Brooklynites to become champions for change in our communities.

Each year, Brooklyn Org’s community invests millions of dollars in nonprofits around the borough working across every issue to help our neighbors thrive.

This May and June, we’re rolling out our first PSA campaign — created by our pro bono partners at Mother New York — with an invitation to all Brooklynites to back change right in their own backyards.

Brooklyn Org gives everyone a seat at the table, but you can’t know you’ve got a seat unless you’ve been invited. The Show Brooklyn Some Love campaign is our invitation to every Brooklynite to join us, donate, and spark change. Dr. Jocelynne Rainey, Brooklyn Org President & CEO


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7.6% of charitable funding citywide goes to Brooklyn nonprofits, despite being home to over 30% of the population and 30% of the nonprofits.

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From Barclays Center to Bedford Ave

A diverse group of people smiling and posing with hands raised in front of an entrance with a large "BROOKLYN.ORG" sign.
A poster showing an older woman saying "Show Abuelas Some Love" in front of the Barclays Center with a large "BROOKLYN.ORG" sign displayed on the building in Brooklyn, New York.
A green wooden fence displays three posters promoting, featuring messages "Show Brooklyn Some Love" and "Join. Donate. Spark Change." in front of a tree-lined street.
A bus with an advertisement side shows a woman holding a child. The text reads "BROOKLYN.ORG. Join. Donate. Spark Change." It's a heartfelt call to action, encouraging everyone to give to Brooklyn and make a difference in the community.
A large poster on a subway wall promotes's campaign to support canners. Nearby, commuters descend stairs towards the train platform.
A large red banner on a building reads, "Show your bodega your block your borough some love - Give to Brooklyn at BROOKLYN.ORG Join. Donate. Spark Change." The building's street signs indicate Union Street.
A large poster on a subway wall promotes's campaign to support canners. Nearby, commuters descend stairs towards the train platform.
Subway turnstiles with signs that read "Give to Brooklyn." Two posters show smiling people. Stairs leading to an upper level are in the background.
A wall poster in a subway station features two men and reads, "SHOW BROOKLYN SOME LOVE" with "GIVE TO BROOKLYN.ORG" at the bottom. The walls are tiled with a white grid pattern.
Two posters on a subway station wall. Left: "Show Young Creatives Some Love" message. Right: "Show Motherhood Some Love" message. A person and a child are ascending stairs to the left, encapsulating the spirit of community and urging us to give to Brooklyn.
A subway platform with a sign displaying "BROOKLYN.ORG Show Brooklyn Some Love" and an image of two children, one blowing bubbles. The station name, "Bedford Avenue," is visible on the platform post, illustrating the warmth and spirit of those who give to Brooklyn.

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The “Show Brooklyn Some Love” campaign launched on Saturday, May 18th at the New York Liberty’s home opener at the Barclays Center, where it will be featured until June.

Starting in June, ads can be seen on buses, billboards, and guerilla posters throughout the borough, as well as street pole banners in Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO and at City Point. The centerpiece of the campaign is a complete takeover of the Bedford Avenue station in Williamsburg, a neighborhood that stands at the junction of old and new Brooklyn.

If you see the campaign, make sure to take a picture and tag us at @bklynorg!

A poster on a tiled wall in a subway station reads, "BROOKLYN.ORG JOIN. DONATE. SPARK CHANGE," with an image of delivery workers. Text next to it says, "SHOW DELIVERISTAS SOME LOVE - GIVE TO BROOKLYN.


The Show Brooklyn Some Love campaign features five Brooklyn organizations that have recently won the Brooklyn Org Spark Prize, a unique honor that celebrates outstanding nonprofits advancing justice and equity in the borough:

  • Mixteca, which serves the health, social, education, and legal needs of immigrant communities;
  • Groundswell, which brings together youth and artists to create murals for social change;
  • Workers Justice Project, an advocate for better wage and work conditions for low-wage, immigrant workers;
  • Arab-American Family Support Center, which empowers immigrants and refugees to acclimate to the world around them; and,
  • Sure We Can, a recycling center, community hub, and sustainability center.

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